No, this message does not come to you courtesy of House Stark.

Unlike Jon Snow, our developers know an awful lot, and have been working day and night to bring some exciting (and some not so exciting - but equally as important) updates to TrustAds.

What’s changing now?


  • Brand new user interface (UI) and design
  • New preview feature for your rules
  • New metrics for your rule creation
  • New way to apply and edit rule templates

Not so exciting - but important:

  • Performance and stability updates
  • Behind the scenes groundwork for even more new features

(There's actually a total of more than 150 updates/tweaks/improvements coming! )

When are these changes happening?

We’re not interested in dangling carrots here. These changes are currently being tested and will be delivered to your virtual TrustAds door on Monday, July 23rd 2018.

Yup, that’s less than two weeks away! Mark your calendars.

What’s happening in the future?

Well, next week’s lottery numbers will be…oh you mean with TrustAds? A lot.

As we said, we don’t like to dangle carrots, so we don’t like to give away too much without exact dates.

So let’s just say that upcoming features will change the way you access, review and implement your automation rules in TrustAds.’

Will I be charged for these updates?

Nope. Updates are free for all users, so you just continue with your subscription plan - and we’ll keep dishing out the goods.

Sound good? We think so too.

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