Facebook automated rules and what are they?

Facebook automated rules, as the name suggests, is free of cost, built-in, tool that Facebook offers to all its advertisers.

Now these automated rules are not AI or any sort of advanced level automation but basically a set of rules that an advertiser can set to achieve desired results.

If you’re an advertiser,  here’s a list of actions that you can have Facebook perform without having to go inside your ad account every single time:

  • Turn campaigns/ad sets/ads on or off
  • Increase/decrease daily or lifetime budget
  • Increase/decrease bids (if you’re using manual bidding)
  • Scale budget based on value of selected metrics

This tool allows you to set rules on either campaign, ad set or ad level. One can argue that automated rules help manage or scale accounts efficiently but in reality, this built-in tool will only help you control costs and notify if a certain campaign or ad set goes overboard.

Here’s how you can access ‘Automated Rules’ inside the ads manager.

Limitations to Facebook rules

As much exciting and promising Facebook Automated Rules sound, there are obviously a lot of limitations with the built-in, free tool.

Here’s what’s missing from Automated Rules:

  • Duplication: You cannot duplicate any campaigns or ad sets to help scale
  • Tagging: This built-in tool doesn’t allow you to change the name of or tag any ad set based on its performance or results
  • Time range: Doesn’t let you make decisions based on hourly data
  • One action per rule: It only lets you perform a single action in one rule
  • Rule duplication: You cannot duplicate rules quickly across campaigns or ad sets or accounts
  • Schedule: You can only schedule a rule to run after every 30 mins, not less than that
  • Rule templates: Doesn’t have pre-set rules that can help

TrustAds Templates

Using Facebook’s Automated Rules means that you have to create each rule from scratch. Let’s be honest, creating rules is cumbersome… especially when you have to create the same set of 5-7 rules for all your accounts and campaigns.

That’s why we created ‘TrustAds Rules Library’ that contains prepackaged templates to help beginners get started with automated rules and for veterans looking for a new scaling strategy to try. So it will help you solve both problems - pause advertising where you’re not profitable and scale where you are!

TrustAds rule duplication across accounts

One important feature that comes with TrustAds (and not with Facebook Automated Rules) is rule duplication. Imagine you or your agency is managing multiple ecommerce brands and as advertisers, we know how many campaigns, ad sets and ads go into each account. Primarily, we have the same set of rules (obviously with different metric values) across these accounts.

Instead of hiring a VA or having to spend your own time and energy creating these rules again and again for each campaign across different accounts, you can simply create rules in one account and duplicate across campaigns with a single click!

Result = hours saved!

TrustAds Scaling

Scaling Ads - one of the most important and frankly the most difficult things to do as an advertiser. How do you scale? Well, you have two options, either do it horizontally or vertically. Adding more budget to an existing campaign or ad set means you’re scaling vertically. Duplicating winning campaigns and ad sets and then increasing budget means that you’re scaling horizontally. Facebook Automated Rules only lets you scale vertically, meaning, you can’t duplicate anything using the native Facebook ads automation.

With TrustAds, you can not only duplicate existing ad sets but can also duplicate and change budget or bids!

This lets you scale your ads predictably across accounts without having to go inside each account after every few hours!

Moreover, you can always reset the budget or resume paused ad sets the next day - all automated!

TrustAds Tags

Another exciting difference between Facebook’s Automated Rules and TrustAds is ‘TrustAds Tags’.

Now, let’s assume you like doing things the old way and getting your hands dirty. TrustAds lets you do that too, just quicker. You must be wondering how duplicating manually or making changes to the account kills the whole purpose of automation but hey, TrustAds tags lets you tag campaigns, ad sets or ads based on rules that you set up that helps make those decisions without analyzing tonnes of data everyday.

You surf your campaigns and TrustAds will automatically tag underperforming ones based on your set of rules. This will let you know which ones need your attention the most!

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