Here at TA, We're constantly updating our software to bring you new features, increased security and enhanced performance.

Some of these you may notice, some you may not. Sometimes though, we add a little extra something we're particularly proud of.

What do we do in times like these? Share it loud and proud of course!

So what's new?

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Let's take a look at each of these updates in a bit more detail...

Rule sharing

The first of our major new updates this month is one of the most requested features we've had from our customers.

That's right folks, you can now share your automated rules with other TrustAds users!

Whether you want to share with a colleague, friend or fellow member of the TrustAds Mastermind, all it takes is the click of a button...

How to share a rule in TrustAds

Sharing a rule is simple.

Head to Rules > Existing Rules
Select the three vertical dots next to the rule you wish to share, then hit Share Rule. (Not to be confused with Ja Rule).

Here, you can either copy and paste the URL you're given, or hit the blue button which will automatically copy the link to your clipboard - nifty.

Rule Frequency

Another feature our users have request is the ability to control the frequency of your rules.

Before, rules would run continuously*, every 15 or 30 minutes - depending on your plan.

*Unless you'd set a custom schedule, where rules would only run on specific days or during set hours.

So what's changed?

While you can of course still set your own custom schedule, you now have even more control over the way your rules run.

You'll notice some new additions to the rule creator:


This one sort of speaks for itself. It's optional, so if you want your rules running as fast as they can (15 or 30 minutes depending on your plan) you can leave this untouched.

But if you want your rules to run at longer intervals, they now can!

You can choose from minutes, hours, days, weeks - or even years (Cue the Friends theme tune). Whatever you choose, your rules will be there for you.

Rule scheduling

Alongside your friendly neighbourhood schedule, you'll also see some new features.

Recurrence/ Custom Date Range
You're now able to set your rules to run from, to or in-between specific dates!

  • If you set a Start Date, your rule will not start running until this date.
  • If you set an End Date, your rule will stop running on this date.
  • If you set both a Start Date and End Date, your rule will only run between these two dates.
In this example, the rule will start running instantly, will only run between 12am-5am every day and will deactivate on April 30th, 2019.

Run Count Limit

If you don't have a set time period in mind but only want your rule to run a maximum number of times, you can set this here.

Type in the number of times you want your rule to run - once your rule has hit that figure it will disable. Simples.

In this example, the rule will start running on March 18th, 2019, will never run on a Sunday and will run a total of 25 times before automatically deactivating.

Bid Change Action Frequency

Facebook have updated their API, which means you can now carry out automated bid increases at smaller intervals!

Before, the API would only allow automated manual bid changes to the same ad set once every 4 hours (at a minimum).

Now you can change manual bids on the same ad set/squad as often as every hour, so you can act faster than ever to scale and protect manual bids.

Of course, remember that any major changes to your ad set (automated or manual) can trigger a reset of Facebook's learning mode. Little and often is the way to go!

New metrics

We had a few very specific requests for new metrics, which we've added as below:


  • Average Purchase Value


  • Searches
  • Cost Per Search

How do I get access?

Share your thoughts!

As always, we're super proud of our wonderful developers for these new updates.

We hope you enjoy them, and look forward to seeing how you put these new features to work. Don't forget to share your rule setups with the community in the  TrustAds Mastermind.

If you have any questions, thoughts or would like to submit a feature request, please drop us a line on!

All the best,

Team TrustAds.

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