You read that right. TrustAds has had a makeover!

Our talented developers have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you all a more intuitive, user-friendly and - quite frankly - better looking version of TrustAds.

So what's changed?

The design

We’ve redesigned our entire user interface, making it easier to find the content you need - with fewer clicks!

All of your regular features are still in place, they’re just a little easier on the eye now..

The dashboard

Say goodbye to being greeted with a wall of rule activity and say hello to your new fancy dashboard!

The dashboard contains a default overview of your rule activity, links to support materials and even this very blog!

Most importantly it will be the hub for another exciting new feature coming very soon..


The metrics

We've added 14 brand new metrics into TrustAds!

With more and more metrics being added, we've also made it easier for you to find the most popular metrics with added categories into to the list.


The rule preview feature

You can now use the new ‘preview’ button on the rule page to preview which campaigns, ad sets or ads will be impacted by your rule, before you create it.

This way, you can double check that you’re happy with what’s being automatically picked up by the rule you’ve set up, based on your criteria, before you save it to your account.


The new way to apply pre-made rule templates

If you’re in need of a little inspiration, you can now access our pre-defined rule templates, straight from your Create Rule page!

Simply select from the template rule drop down list at the top of your screen, assign your ad accounts, edit any metrics you want to change - then save!

You can still browse and apply templates from the rule library, this just allows you to play around with templates straight from the tool.


The new way to tag, exclude and include

Goodbye exclude/include!

To make life easier for you and remove the requirement to tag your rules with a TA-prefix; you can now base your rules on whether the campaign, ad set, or ad name contains or does not contain a specific word, phrase or string!

For those of you using TA- tags, there’s no need to panic!

This still works in the same way as your exclude/include, you’d just tell the rule to run on campaigns, ad sets or ads that either contain or do not contain your 'TA-' tags.

This option allows you and your clients more freedom to use your own naming and tagging conventions.


So what else is new?

There are some things you won’t see, running behind the scenes.

We’ve implemented massive performance and stability updates to ensure Facebook can handle TrustAds’ large data requests from its API.

We’ve added failsafes in place so if Facebook encounters an issue that affects your rules, such as a connection breakdown, we’ll ensure your rules run as soon as that connection is restored.

Not only this, the developers have been laying the technical groundwork for us to implement some game-changing new features and ways to access the tool, coming soon to your TrustAds account… we can’t wait to get these tested and into production!

How do I get access?

Share your thoughts!

We’re ridiculously excited about the new UI and the updates we’ll be rolling out over the coming months.

We’re looking forward to letting you loose and hearing your thoughts - so please do drop us a line on to let us know how you’re getting on!

All the best,

Team TrustAds.

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