Snapchat is one of the few social media giants, with over 190 million daily active users. On average people log in their Snapchat about 18 times a day. With that volume of attention, it's clear, advertising on Snapchat can yield great results. However, it's not an easy win for new advertisers. That said, one of the best ways to leverage Snapchat's full advertising potential is to find automation tools that help you manage and scale your ads. Without any further delay let's jump into our list of Snapchat marketing and automation tools.


TrustAds launched the first automated rules for Snapchat ads back in 2019. Users can monitor, scale, and protect their Snapchat campaigns automatically.

If you have a TrustAds account you can add Snapchat through the 'Integrations' option. Afterward, you can select specific ad accounts you want to access in TrustAds.

By using TrustAds you can:

  • Pause or activate campaigns, ad squads, or ads
  • Change your budget
  • Increase or decrease ad squad bids
  • Duplicate ad squads
  • Delete campaigns, squads, or ads
  • Add tags to your campaigns, ad squads, or ads
  • Notifications on any changes in the advertisement performances

TrustAds is a powerful tool for ad managers to automate, optimize, organize, and scale Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat ad properties.


Storyheap is a great tool for managing story content across Instagram and Snapchat. The platform offers many templates that can be easily customized and accessible from the dashboard. Storyheap features include:

  • Automatic Publishing
  • Story Scheduling
  • Story Analytics
  • Story Editing

The platform offers different plans including a range of features including: advanced analytics, scheduling, story archives, autopilot.


GhostCodes is ranked as one of the top Snapchat Tools. It is simple and allows you to target an audience entertainingly. They have a Category Discovery Feature, that allows you to discover features and top-ranked Snapchatters by interests, business requirements, or other categories.

The best thing about this feature is that it is free for use and easy to install through Google Play or Apple Store.


This tool is great for making new connections on Snapchat. According to Yellow creator Anthony Tuil, Yellow is in alignment with Snapchat's core philosophy. It  It is a simple and efficient way to discover new contacts on Snapchat.

This is a great tool for advertising any brand or business. It helps you creatively gain follower. Creating Lenses with Snapchat may ensure recognition of the company. A few years back it was a go-to advertisement for big companies, however today, even small and medium-sized companies are using Lenses to promote their brand on Snapchat.

Audience targeted lenses start at $40 a day, and an additional rate for CPI ranging $8-20. The prices mostly vary depending on the day of the week. Weekdays and holidays, or other specific events, do tend to cost higher.


Essentially this tool is a styled QR code that creates customized Snapcodes for your brand on Snapchat. It means that you can open Snapchat by scanning a Snapcode with the app’s camera, which alleviates the process of optimizing the presence of Snapchat stories on mobiles codes, It allows brand promotion, related Snap stories, and content beyond the standard URL.


This special overlay reveals the information of the 'when and where' of a Snap in a fun way. They can be used by private users and brands equally.

When used properly for running campaigns with location-based filters, it can significantly increase the brand awareness among Snapchatters in the area.

Depending on the type of filter, their price starts at $5, but it does not include image design services.

Snap Memories

This segment of automated feature allows you to remember your Snapchat Stories and is also known as time-hop.

Another great segment of this feature is that it provides an email recap about your brand stories. However, it is important to note that SnapMemories only captures the stories that are made public.

A creative marketer can use the material provided for a monthly recap and communication with the audience, but also, this can be used as a report on the most result-driven ideas performed in the past month.


This 'tool' is not a tool per se, but it is a place where you gather knowledge once a week. Snapvice is a weekly newsletter that provides you with all the latest tips&tricks on Snapchat, top influencers to follow.

Another great thing is the community where you can join the Q&As to clear any doubt about the approach and decision. Even though we placed it here, it should be on the top of your mind, and the first step to start learning about branding and marketing on Snapchat.

Snapchat 101

This app is a start-to-finish tutorial series on how to use Snapchat and is a great tool for beginners. It consists of eight-course videos several minutes of length, as well as a PDF that serves as a guidebook for the meaning of all various icons. This course covers:

  • Signing up
  • Navigating the home screen
  • Taking and sharing your first snap
  • Adding emojis, text, drawings, and filters
  • Other ways you can use Snapchat


Fastory is a tool that helps brands and marketers with storytelling campaigns. It allows the special design of customized stories optimized specifically for mobile devices.

There are many interesting elements offered within the app to create great branded content. The aim of these stories should be to drive engagement, enhance awareness, and help you raise the quality of your marketing on a higher level.

Their pricing services start from 499 euros a month for one workspace and user. With free access and a 7 day no credit card required trial period, it offers some great tools.

This package includes:

  • Mobile&Desktop experiences
  • Quizzes& Mini-games
  • Basic qualification via bot
  • Sweepstake in Bot
  • Analytics Basic
  • Embeddable website code
  • Support by email&chat
  • 30 days of Onboarding, or technical support by a specialist to prepare your content


This tool is also considered to be very usefull as it offers in-depth analysis and reports for social media content across various channels. It also offers advanced filters that measure and compare performance on individual platforms, providing value assessment gained from each campaign. It has an automated feature of sharing campaign reports with your clients as well. Saving you small-time, and energy for communication.

The centralization prospect of their services allows you to be able to observe and prepare content for all social media platforms through one. Their pricing options are not publicly available, so we recommend contacting the vendor directly.

Mish Guru

This web-based Snapchat tool provides a dashboard for management and analysis. With it you can create and upload Snapchat content, schedule it, and provide a set of profiling tools.

It also allows automatic captures of incoming Snaps and adding them to the story or reposting them on other social media platforms. It is a great application that helps discover new customers, influencers, and audiences.


Snapchat is a great way to associate with target audiences on a micro-level. There are many ways to increase your personal or brand presence on social media sites like Snapchat. Though, before you jump right in take a minute to explore features and tools that can help leverage the true power of the platform.

Have a favorite Snapchat tool that's not in this list? If so, feel free mention it in the comments below.