You read that right. We're delighted to announce the launch of automated rules for Snapchat Ads on TrustAds.

We've been working hard over the last year to be the first software to bring Snapchat ad management automation to the marketplace.

We couldn't think of a better way to kick off 2019 than with a major product update. So whether you're a current TrustAds customer, new customer or you've just landed on this blog (hi!), we'll give you the lowdown on what this new iteration means...

Snapchat is coming to TrustAds

You know how we offer advanced automation rules for Facebook and Instagram?

Well now we're including Snapchat too! Users can automatically monitor, scale and protect their Snapchat ad campaigns with TrustAds.

TrustAds named a Snapchat Certified Partner

Now, you may be thinking, "what exactly is a Snapchat Certified Partner?".

Well, we'll let Snapchat answer that one:

The Snapchat Partners program recognizes industry-leading companies that help advertisers connect with the Snapchat community in creative new ways.

Stop it Snapchat, you're making us blush.

Over a number of years, we've honed our automation services to help Facebook and Instagram marketers thrive. We're so happy to be able to extend our offering to Snapchat advertisers!

We're also looking forward to introducing our current user base to one of the most exciting new advertising channels around - with dedicated Snapchat training. More on that later...

What does being a Certified Partner mean?

Good question!

The perks of being a Snapchat Certified Partner include: access to educational resources, training materials, support services, partner events and feedback opportunities from Snapchat. (As well as additional tools and exclusive benefits).

We'll constantly be in the know, getting our information straight from the horse's mouth.

That's great for TrustAds. What about for customers?

All of the above means we're able to bring you the very latest best practice guidelines, metrics and ad format announcements.

This ensures our materials, recommendations and training will always be up to date!


I'm an existing customer, will it cost me anything?

Nope! We're offering this major new update to all of our existing Pro, Elite and Agency plan customers free of charge.

We know, and you thought Christmas was over, eh?

Unfortunately, as the Starter package only allows for 1 connected ad account, automated rules for Snapchat are not being offered on this plan.

How do I add my Snapchat Account to TrustAds?


Once you've logged in, head to My Account > Snapchat (Under 'Integrations') then connect.

With your Snapchat account now connected, you can select which specific ad accounts you want access to in TrustAds. This is also found in My Account > Ad Accounts Settings.

My Account > Integrations > Snapchat

If you're an existing customer, you can click here to connect your ad account!

Will there be a separate rule creator for Snapchat?

Now why would we make life so difficult? (We wouldn't). That's why you use the same rule creator for your Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat rules.

The only difference is of course a few naming conventions and metrics, such as Ad Squad for Snapchat - the equivalent of Facebook's Ad Set.

What metrics are available?

53 different metrics will be available for Snapchat rules on launch.

This includes current user favourites such as ROAS, ROI, Spend and Add to Cart as well as Snapchat specific metrics like Cost per Swipe, Tag, Screen Time and Frequency.

Please feel free to get in touch for the full list.

What actions can you automate for Snapchat?

You will be able to use all currently available actions in TrustAds for your Snapchat campaigns.

So you can ask TrustAds to:

  • Pause or activate your campaigns, ad squads or ads
  • Increase, decrease or specify your ad squad budgets
  • Increase or decrease your ad squad bids
  • Duplicate your ad squads
  • Delete campaigns, ad squads or ads
  • Add tag(s) to your campaigns, ad squads or ads
  • Notify you of any changes to your campaign, ad squad or ad performance

Did we mention that no other provider allows you to do this? Oh, we did?

A gentle reminder never hurt anyone...

Will this impact my Facebook/Instagram features?

This update in no way means we are moving away from Facebook and Instagram.

We will continually strive to deliver the very best tools to enable Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat advertisers to succeed.

We're simply bringing Snapchat into the fold, to expand our offering of the most exciting advertising channels to our customers.

Welcome, buddy.

Never used Snapchat to advertise before? Fear not.

The Snapchat Opportunity

Snapchat is one of the fastest growing channels in the world for social media marketers. It's also been evolving rapidly, introducing a self-serve advertising platform, and more affordable ad costs.

Let's take a look at some of the stats you'll want to know:

Source: Snap Inc.

Okay, but aren't all of their users teenagers?

Fake news, folks.

In fact, looking at its age distribution in the US? 80% of its user base are 18+, with 44% of the user base 25 and over.

Source: Snap Inc. Internal Data

What advertising objectives are available on Snapchat?

The self serve options aren't dissimilar to those you'll see on other social media ad platforms. Snapchat offers 10 objectives that cover the three main stages of the marketing funnel:


App installs
App traffic
Website traffic
Video views
Lead generation

App conversions
Website conversions
Catalog sales

What ad formats are available on Snapchat?

Snapchat offers 5 different ad formats - Snap Ads, Collection Ads, Story Ads, AR Lenses and Filters.

What targeting options are available on Snapchat?

Snapchat offers an array of targeting options to users across the following categories:

  • Interests and behaviours
  • Demographics (e.g. age, gender, household income, parental status etc.)
  • Location
  • Custom audiences
  • Lookalike audiences

Snapchat's self-service platform is intuitive, helpful and easy to navigate. That's where you want to be spending your time, not monitoring the perfomance of your ads, right?

Together with Snap, Inc. we spotted an opportunity to enable current and future Snapchat advertisers to thrive, with automated rules.

What if I can't afford Snapchat's minimum daily budget?

We get it. If you're new to Snapchat, you might not want to commit to the minimum daily ad set budget - which is currently $50/£50, per ad set, per day.

Well, with TrustAds, you don't need to worry - this doesn't apply.

Thanks to automated rules, you can pause ad campaigns, ad squads or ads once they've spent any amount determined by you.

Better yet, you could only turn off those that aren't profitable, and scale those that are. So you're only paying for ads that are making profit!

(You can find out more about our early warning rules here).

I've never used Snapchat to advertise before. Can you teach me?

Yes, we can. We can also go one step further - how do you fancy being taught by the team at Snapchat themselves?

This is what we're offering free to all TrustAds customers, a dedicated training course to help you get the very best from Snapchat and TrustAds.

Spread over 6 weeks, SnapCracked will cover:

  • The basics of Snapchat advertising
  • Account, audiences and ad setup
  • How to manage your Snapchat ads with automated rules
  • How to craft the perfect creative with Snapchat
  • How brands of all shapes and sizes have found success with Snapchat
  • Using Snapchat for a variety of objectives

Lessons will be delivered by our co-founder, successful Snapchat marketers and coaches from Snapchat HQ in London!

All lessons will of course be available on demand to allow you to learn at your own pace - so there's no need to worry about time zones. Or homework.

How do I get started?

Already a TrustAds Pro, Elite or Agency plan customer?

Simply log in to connect your Snapchat account, access training and start running rules.

If you're not yet a TrustAds customer, you can put our rules to test on your Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram ads using our 7 Day Free Trial.

Thank You!

We'll finish up by saying a huge thank you to our incredibly hard working developers, founders, TrustAds team members, customers and the wonderful folks at Snapchat HQ.

We are so proud of this exciting new step, and can't wait to embark on this next stage of our adventure!


  1. Snapchat Certified Partner Programme: Find out more here.
  2. Snapchat For Business: Get inspiration and see how brands of all shapes and sizes are achieving success here.
  3. Snap, Inc. Internal Data

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Uhhh, that's it. What are you waiting for?

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