Digital marketing is constantly evolving. We've seen the rise and fall of many traffic sources and those that survive often look very different to how they did "way back when" they started.

The stories of Google Ads and Facebook Ads are much the same - they've both followed similar paths which can be summarised as:

Stage 1: Establish Ad Network - Everyone is welcome! Come on in!

Stage 2: Early adopters sign up, figure out how to use the platform, navigate the bugs, request new features and are rewarded with super-cheap conversions (yay!)

Stage 3: Word spreads and more people sign up, the ad network realises that their rules need beefing-up and start restricting certain ad practises - for the greater good.

Stage 4: Even more people join, competition gets fiercer, costs begin to rise .. rules continue to tighten, those early adopters are beginning to search for alternative traffic sources.

Stage 5: Demand and competition for the ad network is really increasing fast now, features that been enjoyed for a while have been removed due to "security patches", profitability of the users is suffering - motivation to find and benefit from the "next" traffic source is even greater - those who find and adopt the "next" platform are rewarded with great profits.

Stage 6: Word spreads, many users start moving to this "next" platform - and the cycle repeats itself.

Here at TrustAds we believe the NEXT major traffic source will be Snapchat ads - and we recommend figuring it out NOW .. before the rest of the world does.

To be extra-specially-super-clear - We LOVE Facebook ads as well - but if you're looking for a new traffic source that is cheaper, untapped and already generating AMAZING results for it's customers - You owe it to yourself to give Snapchat Ads a try!

Oh, and don't just take our word for it, here's Mr Gary Vee himself -

The 'Snapchat Advertising Wave' is coming! So naturally, we want to support you with rule-based ads automation (Psst! We covered this at length in our post here)

Here are the only rules you'll ever need to CRUSH Snapchat ads for Ecommerce! (Seriously!)

Rule 1: No Swipes within X Spend ... Pause

TrustAds users: Use this link to add this rule directly to your account!

So, on Snapchat, what we know as a "link click" is called a "Swipe Up" - thats because thats how Snapchat users engage with ads to visit the site being advertised - they swipe up!

So in this rule, we're telling Snapchat that if our shiny new ad hasn't received a swipe up within X (we used $1.50 in our example) spend - PAUSE the ad .. we don't want it!

We love this rule as it protects us against overspending with under-performing ads - we would rather spend that budget on an ad that is kicking-butt!

Rule 2: No Purchases by X Spend ... Pause

TrustAds users: Use this link to add this rule directly to your account!

It's the natural follow up! Getting cheap swipe ups is one thing .. but if they don't convert into sales then they're no good to us!

That's why this rule makes it into our hall of fame ... it sorts the BS from the ROAS .. and that's what we care about!

Rule 3: If ROAS drops below X ... Pause

TrustAds users: Use this link to add this rule directly to your account!

Protecting our wallets in the early stages of our ad campaigns is one thing, but we want to ensure that even the most profitable long-term ads are also covered by the TrustAds automated rule protection which is why we have "ongoing" rules in our collection too!

This rule has one pretty straight forward job: make sure that no profitable adset suddenly becomes unprofitable - you can choose to pause it, be alerted - or both!

Rule 4: Scaling fast (by duplication)

TrustAds users: Use this link to add this rule directly to your account!

You can scale however you want - Increasing the budget, increasing the bid (if manually bidding) or by duplication - but it's the duplication option that we love the most - and you can scale winning adsets up to 100 times - every 15 minutes! That's pretty aggressive though - so you might prefer something a little more cautious - like 10 times, once a day.. Whatever your preference, TrustAds has you covered!

Even better, all those fresh new duplicates are automatically covered by your other rules - #winning!

Rule 5: Reactivating the late-(attribution)-comers!

TrustAds users: Use this link to add this rule directly to your account!

This is a powerful rule that we recommend no-matter the ad platform - it's looking through your PAUSED (inactive) adsets looking for profitability.

Now, why would you have inactive adsets with a profitable ROAS? Simple - sometimes, purchases and revenue, or any other desirable results, are reported late. This could be for a real reason - like the user clicking on your ad, then dilly-dallying around for a few hours before finally doing the 'thing' you wanted them to do, or simply a delay in the ad networks' system.

The result, is that you've already paused the ad, because it wasn't looking good, but the purchase/lead/whatever was attributed to that paused ad - later in the day!

But it's easily fixed with this simple rule - and re-activated in a jiffy!

Even more good news!

Not only can you add each of these rules using the link under each title above - but you can use our handy "Rule Library" to add all 5 rules, tweaking as required, to as many advertising accounts as you like! Hurrah! A few clicks, and you're protected!

Better Still ...

Did we mention that is completely FREE to try? Yes indeed!

Head over to, pick an account and try it free for 7 days - it's on us - you've earnt it!

Even Better Still !

At the risk of spoiling you .. We should probably mention that your account will come pre-loaded with our 6-Week SnapCracked Training Program !

Wow! This is the 6-week Snapchat course that we put together, in conjunction with coaches from Snapchat HQ in London - to give you the best possible start with Snapchat - and have you crushing in no time!

So let's summarise what you're gonna get ...

1) The only software that offers Snapchat Advertising Rules

2) Which you can trust - because we're Snapchat Certified Partners

3) The 5 perfect rules - that you can add to your shiny new account in just a few clicks

4) Full Facebook and Instagram advertising protection - yep, in addition to Snapchat ads - we're pros at the Facebook and Instagram side too!

5) A full 6-Week training program designed to help you master Snapchat advertising super fast!

6) A full Mastermind Group with other TrustAds VIPs and BigWigs - Just like you!

7) And it's all FREE today - Jump in, and you can try it out for 7 days - on us!

Pretty freakin' cool huh? Nothing is stopping your world domination now!

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