Do you know Snapchat ads were once ridiculously expensive, and only available to big business owners?

However, with the introduction of snap self-service ads manager, businesses of all sizes and budgets can make use of Snapchat ads. In this post, readers would be educated on how to place ads with effective Snapchat Ads examples.

With over 240+ million Snapchatters, creating at least 3 billion snaps a day, Snapchat is considered one of the most popular social networks in the 21st century.

Although, Snapchat differs from the typical Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Still, it has tremendous use for younger audiences between 18-35, and the majority of these users are females (70%).

However, Snapchat continues to grow, causing users to spend a considerable amount of time on the app.

Before diving into Snapchat ad examples, let's start from the beginning.

Quick Guide To Snapchat Ads

Snapchat ads have become profitable and interestingly fun. This platform previously was highly underestimated, but its dawn of rising, pose an opportunity for all small businesses to take advantage of.

What are Snapchat ads?

Snapchat ads are vertical full-screen photos/images, playable and videos that usually run for five to ten seconds, and are placed within Snapchat's original shows/media.

The platform offers a lot of self-publishing tools for advertisers to reach various audiences based on behaviors, interests, locations, and a host of other information.

Types of Snapchat Ads

i. Snap ads

ii. Snapchat sponsored lenses

iii. Snapchat sponsored geo-filters

However, to get effective ads running, you as an advertiser would need the right mobile partner to figure out what Snapchat ad format works with your campaign objectives.

Snap Ad Format

1. Snap Ad

a. Usually 3-10 seconds

b. Photo for upload must be PNG or 1080*1920 pixel JPEG

c. Include a brand name that matches the headline and advertiser

d. A call to action and caret is added to the bottom by Snapchat

e. Format upload to vertical (full screen)

f. Ads should be appropriate for viewers age thirteen and above.

When should it be used: snap ads are useful if you wish your viewers to take certain actions from the upload. These actions may include installing a new app, accessing particular product information, or clicking on the sales page. Series of videos can be created with snap ads to tell a story about your brand.

2. Story Ads

a. Usually a 34-character headline

b. A 25-character brand name

c. Optimizable for a swipe up

d. Engaging user narrative within the story

When should it be used: If you want a branded title in the discover section, this works. It enables users to tap ad headlines and unveil a collection of ads (between three to twenty placements).

Also, it offers a very straight forward approach if an intro is out of marketing strategy.

  3. AR Lenses

a. Top right/left corner placement for logo/name

b. A 2-second sponsored tag attachment by Snapchat

When should it be used: it is for monetizing a unique Snapchat interaction. With this feature, you can create engaging augmented reality experiences that users can play and share.

However, there are two types of lenses;

i. Face lens: it recognizes the user's facial features, and transforms it into your brand's filter.

ii. World lens: it allows users to view their environment from a different perspective, using location and map detection.

4. Snapchat Filters

a. Upload image with 1080*2340 pixel

b. Image size can be 300KB maximum or less

c. Optimized for portrait and must occupy less than 25% of the screen

d. 74 and 32 pixels for send arrow and sponsored design respectively.

N.B: keep it simple and add no heavy graphics

When should it be used: this works well with branding as it creates awareness if the filter is created to tally with customer's preferences. What should be considered;

  • What does this filter represent for your brand?
  • Where and why should they use the filter?
  • How you want customers to see your brand?

5. Collections

One of the most recent developments that allow advertisers to showcase theirs through four tappable tiles. However, this Snapchat ad requires you to give out certain information to the Snapchat ad manager.

The Campaign Goals

Below is a breakdown of what you can achieve using Snapchat advertising.

I. Lead generation: Snapchat allows you to create ads, using its ad manager to target and drive the right audiences to take action.

II. Brand awareness/engagement: Snapchat users are already acquainted with watching videos on the app; thus, your video ad won't look foreign, rather welcomed to users as long as it is interactive and fun.

III. Conversions and web visits: Snapchat advertising helps push advertiser's prospects to their respective conversion through the sales funnel.

IV. The "new age" catalog: with just a phone screen, advertisers can present their products in catalogs to their potential targets.


How Snapchat Targets?

Snapchat ads can target audiences based on the categories users follow, users’ behavior,  the types of videos users watch, et cetera. However, Snapchat limit tracking within the app, and not outside of the platform.

The 3-New Targeting Options

  1. Snap audience match

It is surprisingly the biggest targeting feature as audiences are targeted based on email addresses or mobile device IDs, and this is done anonymously.

2.  Lookalike

This algorithm is used by top social networks like Facebook. It links users together based on similar interests.

3.  Snap lifestyle categories

This last feature looks at the videos users tend to watch. For instance, if a user often watches a lot of game-related/beauty hack videos, he or she is likely to see ads belonging to a game or beauty company.

Furthermore, unlike Facebook, Snapchat can pinpoint the source of its ad's data, which means you can narrow down your audience to a certain interest, niche, et cetera. Snapchat ad manager also permits you to fill in a city, state, or zip code

N.B: you can even re-target snap chatters who are familiar with your previous ads through your CRM file or website visitors.

15 Snapchat Ad Examples

1.  Perrier & Juice


·         Unskippable vertical video format

·         Snap Ads leveraged to AR format

In other to reach its French audience, Perrier & Juice created an engaging experience with the innovative new lens technology; AR Floor Segmentation —this tech has never been used in France.

To achieve desired awareness and engagement, Perrier's campaign was leveraged on Snapchat’s primary advertising formats: AR Lens, Commercials, and Snap Ads to AR.

Implementing Snapchat's AR, Perrier was able to invite Snapchatters into the exotic rainforest using the incredible floor segmentation technology. However, the lens was available to all Snapchatters for just 24 hours.

Audience: 25 and above.

2. Hopper


·         Radius targeting

Hopper is an airline-booking app. The ad uses a combination of location radius targeting and geographically-relevant creative to reach Snapchatters to take action. Airports nationwide are set as central points; traveling can be booked from each corresponding airport. Snapchatters are opportune to swipe up to download the app, buy a ticket, or watch route on Hooper.

Audience: millennials

3. Giorgio Armani Beauty; My Way


·         A 6-second unskippable, full-screen video ad

Giorgio Armani Beauty Chose to use the Snapchat video commercial format made for mobile to achieve completed video views. The ads were placed within Snapchat Shows, and also, as best content on Snapchat discovers.

Audience: 25 to 40 years.

4. Birdie


It is a modern and personal safety alert for women. The ad was launched with user testimonial videos, which include collection Ads, Video Ads, and Dynamic Product Ad. The aim is to showcase the honesty and confidence of the product and to drive online purchases.

Audience: 18-24 (females)

5. Mumzworld


·         Snap Ads

·         Story Ads

·         Collection Ads

An eCommerce website for mum, babies, and toddlers.

The aim was to encourage developed lookalike snapchatters, most likely to make a purchase, or install apps. The Mumzworld's ad uses Snap ads & Story ads, and Snapchat’s latest product feed ad to engage potential audiences with a straightforward, shoppable experience. Ads were short-lived as a result of the fast CPI turn-ups.

Audience: young mothers

6. La Roche Posay

The goal was to drive awareness of its Effaclar Duo+ skin care cream, and to achieve this La Roche Posay —

·         used snap ads to maximize target reach

·         used collection ads to generate  traffic on their website

·         used a 6-second commercial video ad to drive brand awareness and completed video views.

Audience: 15-25 years in France.

7. Zaful

Feature: multi-country targeting

Zaful is an eCommerce business for women’s fashion. Their motive was to drive installs and reach buying-female customers. The ad was based on Product-Focused Creativity & Expanded Targeting, featuring a call to action and specific product categories. ZAFUL acquired high-intent customers by using the Minimum ROAS Bidding and Multi-Country targeting, which unlocked a new CPI growth by 20%.

8. Clearly


·         Story Ads

·         Snap Ads

·         Collection Ads

·         Dynamic Ads

Clearly is an eyewear retailer, who introduced their brand to Snapchat through an Augmented Reality virtual try-on to facilitate a seamless buying experience. Clearly uses both video ads and lens.

Video ads focus on traffic and conversions, allowing snap chatters to reach product pages. The latter offers a try-on for users, which can be shared among their friends and family.

9. Jaguar


·         AR lens and Snap ads

Jaguar teamed up with Snapchat to create awareness for the launch of the 2020 E-PACE Engage Edition in Spain. The AR Lens allowed Snapchat users to explore the exterior and interior of Jaguar's E-PACE Engage Edition. This feature helps users see all around the car and even in their own surroundings, creating a certain hype. A call-to-action button was attached to drive user sign-ups on their landing page.

Audience: 25+

10. Gucci


·         SnapML

·         Snap's AR platform

Gucci offered Snapchat users a realistic try-on on some of their sneakers. Snapchatters could purchase their favorite with the "shop now" button. Gucci used 2 Face + World Lens combinations. For best experiences, one lens is assigned to gender with two different pairs of sneakers within each lens.

These lenses were promoted through the Snapchat camera and Snap Ads to AR format.

11. Acorns


·         Snap and Story ads

·         Optimizing for in-app customer registration.

Acorn is a financial wellness system, which helps its customers utilize and get the most of their financial status. The advertisers activated a multi-product approach with Story and Snap ad campaigns. Acorn made Snapchat an integral part of their customer acquisition marketing strategy, after achieving a 178% increase in investment.

12. Yubo

Feature: multi-country targeting

Yubo is one of Snapchat's early advertisers. They launched H1 2020, targeting and identifying growth in unexplored countries. Yugo utilized Snapchat's AR and showed great support to the LGBTQI+ community.

Yugo created lens for pride month, which attained over 7M impressions and numerous app installations.

13. Domino's


·         Through Snap Ads

·         Commercials and Filters

While launching their "New Bigger Better" pizza, Domino played different acts portraying how big and heavy their pizza was to carry. The ad consisted of a combination of camera placements and vertical video. Snapchatters are able to decorate snaps with Domino's filters.

14. Champs sports

Features: AR Lens and dynamic ads

Champs Sports teamed up with Nike during their "Refresh your game" campaign. Snap Ads were aimed at driving Snapchatters to their website to learn more and shop Nike’s new collection. Snapchatters were able to try on two pairs of Nike kicks inside the camera. And with Snapchat’s Dynamic Ads, Champs sports reached all online Champs Sports shoppers.

15. Bev

Bev is a small company that manufactures a series of 100% sugar-free canned wine. Desiring to be part of their consumer's conversations, user-generated content was implemented to create engaging content, increasing sales of their products.

However, Bev’s first campaign on Snapchat was with a low budget, still they had massive ROI in return.

The decision is at the snap of your fingers!

Snapchat is the best and most colorful channel to increase sales and brand awareness. It's the use of wild, fun, and creative ad campaigns pose as an attention-grabbing tool to prospective customers.

Advertisers must take advantage of Snapchat's unique features to create interactive, engaging, memorable, shareable, and exciting experiences that suit their respective audiences.

Start creating your Snapchat ads already!