Getting verified on Facebook is more than a celebrity badge of honor. When a business or brand receives the blue tick or checkmark verification icon beside their profile name it adds a great sense of reputability. That said, it's no surprise that every smart brand manager is wondering how to get verified on Facebook. While we can't guarantee you'll get the verified blue icon we can share the different methods can employee to get a verified on Facebook. Without any further delay let's unpack this mysterious verification badge.

The blue checkmark is discreetly placed to the right of a Facebook page/profile name. In addition to simply looking more professional, it comes with a few perks.
This feature is available for personal and business profiles.

There are a few conditions that need to be met to be verified on Facebook. Let's start by understanding why this process is important.

What does being verified on Facebook mean?

The blue checkmark is a verification badge means that Facebook verifies an account is authentic and credible. In short, the badge indicates that the account whether page or profile is in fact the person, brand, or business. Worth noting, Facebook does not provide badges to endorse brands or public figures. It simply means the social network is confirming the page or profile is credible.

The verified checkmark is particularly useful for brands, celebrities, or other accounts who often contend with accounts replicating or mimicking their identity. For instance, celebrities may have fan accounts or brands may have unofficial community accounts not internally. In this case, it's useful to the end user to understand which account is the actual celebrity account or brand account vs. a fan or externally operated account.

Who can get verified on Facebook?

Well-known public figures, big brands and media companies are typically verified. There is a great public interest in these pages, so they need another way to protect themselves. One person/brand can get verified for only one account. Of course, there are some nuances or exceptions. For example, large brands with a global presence like Forbes may have more than one verified page. As depicted below, Forbes has multiple verified accounts including: ForbesWomen, ForbesUnder30, Forbes India, and ForbesLife. Note if you do a quick Facebook search you will find more verified Forbes pages.

Technically, anyone can request Facebook verification. However, not everyone will actually get the verified badge unless your account meets Facebook's verification criteria listed below.

Facebook's Verification Criteria

  • Authentic in the terms that a real person, entity or business is behind it.
  • Complete and active, with all the necessary details (the About section, Profile and cover photo, and, at least one, post).
  • Notable as the person, entity or business.The algorithm should recognize you and note that the profile is frequently searched for. There is a higher probability that Facebook will approve the application if several news sources and publications already feature the account.
  • Unique with a presence, because Facebook verifies only one account per business or person.

Keep in mind the above requirements are simply scratching the surface. Even if you meet guidance above it does not guarantee verification. Depending on the type of profile or page, Facebook may provide additional requirements for law enforcement agencies, politicians, or any similar sources of information that are of public significance.

How to get verified on Facebook

Until recently (October 2019), Facebook offered the possibility of obtaining two types of badges: Grey and blue badges.

The grey badge could be given to local businesses as a confirmation of their authenticity, which would further show their seriousness and credibility to potential buyers. At the end of October 2019, Facebook decided to abolish the grey badge because it was confusing users. With this move, local business owners needed find new ways to draw attention to themselves and what they are doing.

The grey badge was much easier to get by following the determination of the Facebook procedure, and even low activity profiles could hope for it.

How to Apply for a Facebook Verification Badge

Now that you understand the basic requirements to receive a Facebook verification badge it's time to learn how to apply.

Step 1: Open the contact form

Start by opening the contact form to submit a verification request.

Step 2: Verification type

Depending if you want a Page or Profile verified choose the adequate option. Keep in mind that even though it is possible to verify a profile on Facebook verified, the approval criteria are a bit more complex. (It takes a significant amount of followers to prove that you have the necessary value for the blue verification badge).

Step 3:Select the Page you want to Verify

After choosing the type of Profile or Page you will need to choose your page. .

If you want to verify a profile you will need to provide a URL profile.

Step 4: Select the category for the Page or profile

There are several option in the category, if none is a good fit choose the option 'Other'.

Step 5:Select your country

Step 6: Attach personal or business identification information

In the account that you are applying for a personal profile,Facebook will require a valid ID showing the name and date of birth of the individual.

For business accounts you need to provide one of the following documents bearing an official seal or watermark:

  • Phone or utility bill of the organization
  • Certificate of formation
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Tax document of the organization

Step 7: Explain why you require verification

You are required to explain in writing why the Facebook page or profile should be verified. In simple terms, but grammar proof content, elaborate what is the reason you require Facebook to process this request.

The reason may be of public interest, or the account is at risk of loosing accountability due to imposters. Whatever the reason is, provide any information and links supporting your claim.

Step 8: Submit the form

After providing all the essential details in the contact form, click the "Send" button at the bottom of the page. This is the final step for the application process.

How long does it take to get verified?

One cannot be sure whether Facebook will verify them or not, even if the form is filled in correctly. The answer will be received in an interval of 3 to 45 days. During this time, Facebook will "comb through" the account in detail.

An actual celebrity has the best chances to get verified on Facebook. It is usually a person the public is buzzing about, and people are constantly googling them. So, think about whether Facebook Verification is achievable for you and is it worth investing time.

What happens if Facebook rejects my application?

If your verification request is denied it’s probably due to the following reasons:

  • You don’t have enough press. Consider learning how to get featured on Forbes, Techcrunch, or something similar.
  • You don’t have a reason good enough to be Verified on Facebook or the ID you provided wasn’t appropriate in some way.
  • You don’t have enough native content on Facebook, an inactive page can’t be verified.
  • You haven’t proved your popularity.
  • You don’t have a Wikipedia,

Carefully observe the potential reasons and devote your time to fine tune the content and your page. Consider hiring a professional if necessary. There is an option to apply again after 30 days.

Keep in mind that being rejected for a Facebook Verification does not mean the end of the world. There are other things you can do to be visible enough and build your image here successfully.

Connect Facebook with your website. This way, you will show your seriousness, consistency, and authenticity on the internet. This way the possibility of someone replacing you with a fake account is reduced to a minimum.

The content you post should talk about who you are and what you do. You strive to make your content high quality and innovative and through that people will recognize your authenticity and trust you.


The application process, on its own, is not complicated. However building quality and original content is a must. Do your marketing properly, interact with audiences and give it some time to acquire organic feedback and growth. Popularize your brand through the local media and other activities that will help you raise brand awareness. After that, carefully read upon the requirements and apply to get verified on Facebook.

However, if you did not manage to achieve this goal, don’t burden yourself with something you cannot get. Maybe you don't even need Facebook Verification, since this social network offers so many other opportunities. Learn how to use them to achieve the goals you have set for yourself and your business, you do not need greater confirmation of success than that. Re-apply after you gather more experience and credentials, at some point you will get there.