Okay, so you’ve tested out the tool using your notification rules, and you’re feeling confident that it’s working as expected.

So now you want to use the tool to help stop overspend.

Let’s take a look at an example:

The Situation

In addition to running ad-hoc targeted campaigns with varying budgets for one of my clients, I’m also on a retainer to run 3x new campaigns each month, 1x lead gen, 1x traffic generation and 1x video views, each with a maximum budget of £1000.

Given that the monthly cost for these three campaigns will be the same each month, I want to ensure that they never overspend, but that any rule in place wouldn’t impact the other campaigns I run for them.

In order to do this, I have included the tag: ‘CLIENT-RETAINER’ in the name of all of my client’s retainer campaigns, so that I can tell the rule to only take action on these campaigns, using the 'name contains' metric.

The Rule

After logging into my TrustAds account, I click the green ‘Create rule from scratch’ button at the top of my screen, which brings up my rule creator below:

Rule name: I created a name that briefly described the type of rule and criteria

Advertising account: I ticked the ad account I want the rule to apply to, this will apply to one client's account.

Ad level: Campaign - this rule is based on the campaign reaching a certain lifetime spend.

Status: Active - I’m only interested in campaigns that are running

Time period/preset: I want to pause any of these specific client campaigns once they have reached £1000 lifetime spend, to ensure the client gets their money’s worth but there is no risk of overspend.

Day parting: I am not interested in limiting when the rule runs, as I want the rule to take action as soon as possible.

Description: Information about the rule, what it will do and why I am running it.

Action: Pause advertising & notify me by email - I want the tool to not only take action (pause the campaign) but to let me know as soon as this work is carried out via email.

Rules: Spend is greater than or equal to £1000. I have chosen this rather than ‘equal to £1000’ as it may well be that a campaign jumps from £999.10 to £1001.30, so I want to ensure that no campaigns are missed.
I have also added in a Campaign name contains ‘CLIENT-RETAINER’ metric , telling the rule to only run on campaigns with ‘CLIENT-RETAINER’ in the title, so I know that none of my other campaigns will be impacted by it.


The rule took 1 minute 42 seconds to create.

I no longer have to remember to set up campaign spend limits every time I set up the 3x new monthly retainer campaigns for this client. I know that by having the tag in the name, they’ll all be monitored by TrustAds and switched off as soon as they reach £1000.

Not only this, I now know that it’s perfectly safe to still use scaling rules to maximise the success of my client’s retainer campaigns. E.g I can run rules that will increase the bid for, or duplicate their best performing adsets, safe in the knowledge that their campaign will never go over budget.

I’ll also get a notification email, just to be on the safe side, so I’ll know that TrustAds has got my back!

The notification email lets you know how many changes have been made and includes a PDF with an activity report that lists the affected campaigns, adsets or ads. Each of these are clickable links to take you right into the campaign, adset or ad in your ads manager.


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