This rule is perfect for those of you who are new to using automation rules in your Facebook marketing, and may not be that trusting of new technologies.

Hey, I cover my webcam up with a post-it note, I’m completely with you.

Anyway… let’s get started with our example:

The Situation

I’m an agency manager looking after multiple ad accounts. I want to be notified as soon as any of my campaigns, across any of my accounts, reach £200 in lifetime spend, so that I can review performance.

The Rule

After logging into my TrustAds account, I click the green ‘Create rule from scratch’ button at the top of my screen, which brings up my rule creator below:


Rule name: I created a name that briefly described the type of rule and criteria

Advertising account: I ticked all of the accounts in my list, as I want it to apply to all of my clients

Ad level: Campaign (I’m only interested in reviewing once the campaign hits this amount)

Status: Active (I’m only interested in active campaigns)

Time period/preset: I want to know when a Campaign has reached £200 across its Lifetime, to ensure I capture every campaign as soon as it hits this amount.

Day parting: I am not interested in limiting when the rule runs, as I want to be notified as quickly as possible, so I have not used this feature.

Description: Information about the rule, what it will do and why I am running it.

Action: Notify me by email - I don’t want the tool to take any action other than simply letting me know that a campaign has met my criteria.

Rules: Spend is greater than or equal to £200. I have chosen this rather than ‘equal to £200’ as it may well be that a campaign jumps from £198 to £203, so I don’t want to miss being notified.


It took me 43 seconds to create that rule.

Without it, I’d have to log into Business Manager, then click into each of my client accounts to check for campaigns that have spent £200.

Instead, TrustAds will let me know as soon as any of my campaigns reach this lifetime spend, across any of my ad accounts,.

Now I only need to log in for my campaign performance reviews when I actually need to, which I can do straight from the email, which provides clickable links to the campaigns that meet my criteria.

All this and I’m still the one in control of what action I take.

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