Facebook is the epicenter of social content. No matter how we slice it, internet users cannot escape the reach of this social behemoth. This is great news for advertisers. That said, we are living in an age where capturing attention is more valuable than cold. Therefore, mediocre ad copy will undoubted yield mediocre results. Don't be a victim of bad ad copy. Instead, step into the world of high converting ad copy by simply following in the footsteps of some of today's most successful brand advertisers.

In this post, we'll share 30 high converting Facebook ad copy examples and what makes them great!

High Converting Facebook Ad Copy Examples

As you navigate through these examples below start to imagine how you can use these examples and actionably apply them to your brand.

Best Self Co

Many couples plan date nights to reignite a lost spark or maintain their flaming passion. Best Self Co speaks directly to the "Date Night" goer seeking deeper intimacy with their partners. The ad copy was smartly written using Date night as a concept to promote this intimacy deck as many of the couples out there are looking for ideas to make the date nights fun and exciting.

Still Novel

User generated content, reviews, and product testimonials are a great examples of buyer empathy. Why not showcase your customer experience in an ad. For example, still novel cleverly uses the customer's experience to tell their product story.  Interestingly, instead of using (buy or sell pitches) the advertiser focuses on tapping into the emotional nature of the product.


Quality and authenticity are one of the biggest pains when buying pre-owned luxury goods. FashionPhile focuses on providing a solution for this pain using ad copy.  The company also showcases a value proposition with a compelling 70% off retail pique.


Who doesn't like a protein powder that builds your body and tastes good as well? Again, following suit to the example above, one of the biggest pain points of fitness shakes is the horrible taste. Swolverine focuses on highlighting their solution with a, "Taste the Gains. Build your body." headline.


Another best way to advertise is to build curiosity. Soylent uses ad copy to engage the users curiousity. Like Samyang hot noodle challenges, giant gummies, and other YouTube frenzies Soylent understands the power of curiosity. Similarly, the companies youthful choice of words like "scour the internet" helps specific users relate to the brand.

Yoga International

Offering freebies (30 days free unlimited yoga streaming), including a poll for interaction, and creating urgency to register (limited period offer) is the best combination to lure, engage, and convert the audience successfully.


A mouth-watering video of food can instantly create cravings, and this Quesadilla from Chipotle is no exception for that. Along with an ad copy that says it is delivered to your doorstep and an instant call to action button. You get good food, and you get it online. There's no reason why orders won't shower.


Drops created one of the funniest Facebook video ads campaigns ever. Serious ad copies might not always catch the attention. In contrast, comedic or sarcastic ads are all the rage these days. If you're ads are flopping, ditch the serious tone and "make a funny" instead.


When you're hungry there's nothing more clear-cut than an old fashioned gooey grilled cheese. You might not be able to see this ad in all it's video glory but the cheese stretched and let's face it there's nothing better than getting perks to eat the food you love.


The ad copy directly focuses on the product offering. Netflix provides unlimited shows and series, complemented with a video with the latest series. If you don't have a Netflix account or you're just tired of ad interruption signing up is a simple solution to your media woes.


Spotify's take on minimalism is superb. The platform captures an experiential angle that anyone can relate to. Lightening the mood with some music while cooking is a universal experience.


"It surely is something that I've heard about. I must try it." This is the phrase running through the viewer's mind when faced with a Nixit ad. Quite frankly, coining the phrase "menstrual cup" is a nod to genius. A job well done, period.


Didn't you just stop for a second to breathe? That's the goal. Headspace focuses on simply asking you to engage in the idea of slowing down and taking a breather for you.


Patagonia ad copy clearly focuses on conscious lifestyle buyers with a bit more experience riding the wave. Making the ad copy feature and specification rich helps to eliminate less commercial traffic which is key to creating high converting Facebook ad copy.


To promote a new release Sperry used one our favorite humanizing brand words, "Meet". They also use ad copy to speak specifically to Henry's by incorporating phrases like, "Luxurious comfort" or "God Cup".


The ad copy provides a solution to a universal problem. We all want body-hugging, stretchy, and comfy denim pants, and the ad copy covers all those points.

Magic spoon cereal

The ad copy reduces the job of going through the small, unseen details of the calories, protein, carbs, etc., by giving away the details on the copy and pointing out that it's suitable for those on a keto diet. The target and the explanation are made clear in the copy itself.

Beyond yoga

The ad copy smartly says that the product is their best-seller and was sold off. This subconsciously creates a good image of this product and compels the audience to buy it.


This ad copy targeted the common hate of many, the laundry day, and combined it with their USP of not having to wash more. Skillfully turned a common problem into a marketing strategy.


Allbirds ad copy ensures their product's performance while stating their USP that they're sustainable and provides free shipping and returns. An assurance on the performance and return policy if still not convinced, the audience won't have anything to lose.

Artifact uprising

The ad copy says it all, without a doubt. It holds a point that everyone likes to travel and would like to cherish those memories repeatedly and depicted the same in the ad copy to attract the clients with their travel albums.

3 Advanced tips for writing a good ad copy

Research your competitors..

Online advertising has become a competitive business. The great news is digital ads allow us to take a close look at what the top players in every industry are sharing with the world.  Use your observation powers to stand out, launch campaigns, and perfect your messaging.  

Know your market..

Understanding your market allows brands to create solid copywriting strategy. Generic copy and paste templates might seem like a quick fix but it will not help you develop high converting ad copy. Instead, take the time to develop an intimate understanding of your product/service, use cases, stakeholders, objections, and biggest pain points. You audience will be more responsive if you take the time to listen to their real experiences.

Stand behind what you say...

Ad copy falls short when it does not truly reflect the brand. Avoid indulging in trends or fluff words. Instead, focus on authenticity, brand philosophy, and brand strategy. If you aim to be the best sustainable sneaker you can bet your customers will search your website and evaluate your brand presence before they purchase. If your words do not fall in line with your brand you will lose the sell.

That's all for today folks. Just remember, ad copy is both a work of art and practice in mastery. When executed properly almost anything is possible.