Now, this week's blog is going to be a little shorter than our average fare, but with good reason.

We’re hard at work prepping for a major announcement next week, so with that in mind, we thought we’d draw your attention to something else…

Have you noticed anything...different, about us?

Oh shucks, thank you.

Yes, TrustAds has had a makeover! You've possibly noticed us slowly evolving since October, as we've been rebranding inside and out.

We felt we were growing out of our colour scheme, so we decided to bring ourselves decidedly into the new year with a fresh new look!

Still blue, don't panic.

Brand new website

After months of hard work and dedication, we are excited to officially unveil the new website over at

Although, there will of course be a few further changes when our new updates come into place next week... but those will mainly be inside TrustAds... #tease.

For now, we'll show you what's on the outside!

New look and feel

We've rebranded the entire website, reworking the copy, content and navigation completely. Our main goal is to ensure that new visitors and existing customers alike will always feel confident finding the information they need.

New resources

As part of our goal to provide additional value to both the TrustAds and wider advertising community, we've added a whole new resources section.

This includes:

The blog

This is where you'll find your weekly update on the latest news, tips and tricks from all of us here at TrustAds HQ.

We cover current trends and strategies, best practice guidelines and keep you in the loop with what's new in the industry.

All of this across Facebook, Instagram and the wider digital advertising landscape!

Does this count as Inception?

Case studies and use cases

This includes case studies from our most successful customers, as well as tried and tested ways to make the most of automation.

Take a look at the latest from Blue Pack Marketing here.

What is automation?

To round off our new resources section, we thought it best to include a page answering the question that some visitors might be too afraid to ask:

Just what is automation for Facebook anyway?

It’s not a silly question folks. Automation for Facebook and Instagram is still relatively new, even for experienced marketers. Especially compared to say, email automation or social scheduling.

Here, we give you the low down on why automation came to be needed for successful ad management.

We also go one step further, breaking it down for different organisation types. Because once you know what automation is, you're going to be asking: but why do I need it?

Come and see for yourself!

Of course the above doesn’t cover everything. We’ve expanded on our features, shared a little bit of our story, and pinpointed where you can find us around the web.

Why not head to the site and take a look around?

We'd love to hear your feedback!

Wanna see what's on the inside?

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Find us around the web!

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That’s all for this week folks, but stay tuned for that mammoth announcement very soon…