Snow may not be falling all around us (at least not here in the UK), but you've probably's Christmas! Or rather, it's The Holidays, for our US counterparts.

Whatever terminology you use, in 4 days time (yes, four, panic stations everyone) you can expect crackers, presents, family feuds and - for most of us - a day off work!

So soon? But it doesn't feel like Christmas yet...

We get it. As always, it's come around too quick. So how can we fix this festive tragedy?

Well, we don't know about you, but one thing that never fails to get us in the Christmas spirit is a well crafted Christmas advert. When you're busy working hard during Q4, it's easy to miss out on the latest seasonal efforts from your favourite brands.

Well don't fear! Given that we're all advertisers here, we thought it seemed fitting to take a look at the very best Christmas adverts Santa has gifted us with in 2018.

The Top 19 Christmas Adverts of 2018

There was a clear winner for us, with the other 18 battling it out for the number 2 spot. Okay enough hype, let's get to it:

No. 19 - BBC: "Christmas Time Together"

There was a bit of backlash from this advert, but if we put that aside and focus on the idea of families struggling to find time for each other, then it's heartwarming. Visually, it's very cool, so perhaps we'll just include it for that.

Agency: (BBC's own in house agency)

No. 18 - Fortnum & Mason: "Masters of Merry"

Simple, tasteful and with a healthy dose of nostalgia - Fortnum & Mason's trip down memory lane does a great job of distracting us from all things Brexit...

Agency: Otherway London

No. 17 - Air New Zealand: "The Nicest Christmas Ever"

We've all accidentally sent an email to the wrong person at one time or another, right? Well this humorous little gem from Air New Zealand explores just that, with Santa emailing his naughty list to the wrong person (one of the children on it). From the brand that brought us the famous Hobbit in-flight safety videos, we'd expect nothing less.

Agency: Host/Havas

No. 16 - "Find the Gift That Helps Them Find Their Gift"

The first fully animated offering on our list, online retailer do a great job of tying Christmas into childhood ambitions, showing just where imagination (and hard work) can take us. It's a beautiful advert, some might say out of this world. Sorry, couldn't resist.

Agency: St Luke's

No. 15 - KFC: "Chicken's Here to Stay"

This one is epic, cinematic and incredibly silly. Top points for humour, but we're not sure it will send you running to your local KFC...

Agency: Mother

No. 14 - Coca Cola: "Holidays Are Coming"

Okay, so no, this isn't technically an advert from 2018. But! The ending is new, so it definitely counts. Christmas just isn't complete without it. Coca Cola will never need to spend another penny on Christmas advertisements. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Agency: W.B. Doner

No. 13 - PureWow x Olay: "Have you heard about...?"

Get ready for a Holiday Musical! Olay's offering is smart, funny and relatable. Taking inspiration from those awkward family conversations and rivalries during the holiday season, it's the perfect example of how to showcase your products without the 'hard sell'.

Agency: PureWow

No. 12 - Walmart Canada: "Bring Magic Home"

A bear. Unsold. Left alone. At Christmas? Tugging at your heartstrings from the off, this year's effort from Walmart Canada will make you chuckle, smile, and perhaps even tear up a little.

Agency: Cossette

No. 11 - Aldi: "Kevin the Christmas Carrot Cliff Hanger Advert"

No, I haven't accidentally included the Coca Cola advert twice. Aldi's surprisingly popular 'Kevin the Carrot'  takes on the most famous (and much loved) Christmas advert of all time in this clever parody.

Agency: McCann UK

No. 10 - Apple: "Share Your Gifts"

It's not the most groundbreaking advert Apple have ever created, but this heartwarming tale - of a gifted girl who's too afraid to share her work - certainly grows on you. When you discover that all of the sets were hand-built (yup, it's not all CGI) the sheer craftsmanship is enough to land a spot in the top 10.

Agency: Media Arts Lab

No. 9 - Waitrose: "Concert"

From poignant, expensive, branded content to comical simplicity - Waitrose's offering gets straight to the point. Literally. It's a welcome break from the ever so sentimental offerings we've been inundated with since John Lewis started the trend.

Agency: Adam & Eve DDB

No. 8 - McDonalds': "Reindeer Ready"

Speaking of sentimental... Yes, it's McDonald's. Just give it a chance. We dare you not to feel. A very smart way to tie what's likely the least popular item on the menu in with Santa's festive friends.

Agency: Leo Burnett London

No.7 - Petco: "Saving Up"

The next ad in our list comes from American pet retailer Petco, and boy is it a corker. A stunning animation with a beautiful tale, it's got everything you need - snow, lights, family, and a dog looking for a home. It might just break your heart. In a good way.

Agency: M&C Saatchi, Anomaly

No. 6 - Sainsbury's: "Big Night"

Let's take a break from the tear-jerkers for a moment. This one's the feel good hit of the year. Don't be fooled by the start, when things get going, it's an absolute cracker. Just wait for the plug...

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy

No. 5 - Iceland: "Say Hello to Rang-tan"

Banned from UK television for being 'too political', there's not a Brexit in sight in this fantastic advert concerning Palm Oil, from UK grocery store Iceland. Shared around the world as a result of the ruling, this deserves to be seen by the masses. It was a bold move by Iceland, who chose to put their Christmas products aside for the cause.

Agency: Mother

No. 4 - IRN BRU: "Snowman - The Sequel"

A stunning parody of one of the best Christmas stories of all time (Raymond Briggs' The Snowman) if you listen closely, the re-written lyrics are hilarious. A note to our non-British counterparts: you may find it difficult to decipher that strong Scottish lilt. They're definitely setting up for a sequel, so this could be the gift that keeps on giving for Scotland's favourite beverage brand.

Agency: Leith

No. 3 - Heathrow: "Making it Home Makes Christmas"

There's a word for this advert. Perhaps more a noise: "Awww." Funny, cute, high-quality, Heathrow certainly landed on time with this one.

Agency: Havas London

No. 2 - ICRC: "The One Gift Santa Can't Deliver"

We promise this is the last one that will make you cry. And let's be clear, this will make you cry. Skillfully handled with incredible direction, it looks more like a scene from Children of Men than your average Christmas fare. Congratulations to the International Committee of the Red Cross for putting this ultimately touching story together. Perhaps the most thought-provoking and hard hitting Christmas advert we've ever seen, it's one you won't forget. It's more than earned the runner up spot in our list.

Agency: Adam & Eve DDB

No. 1 - Google: "Home Alone Again with the Google Assistant"

Google have really pulled out all the stops this year. The clear winner for 2018, Home Alone is re-imagined with a grown up Kevin McCallister and Google.

Agency: Arts and Letters Creative Co.

Joy to the world.

We hope that's put you into the festive spirit, and if not - we hope it's given you some ideas for your Q4 2019 ad campaigns!

Happy Holidays from all of us at TrustAds!

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